Wouldn’t it be great to know that your offers and lead magnets would display to ALL your site’s traffic…

even the ones with AdBlockers turned ON?

And what if you could confidently do so while making it harder for your competition to figure out what’s causing your latest lead generation success?

That’s exactly what you’re going to get when you start working with OptinMonster’s Custom Domains.

You’ll have more than just a “slight advantage” over competitors in your space. Frankly, it won’t even be a competition.

Instantly Boost Campaign Exposure by 27%

Here’s the thing about AdBlockers that you may not know: they’re SUPER popular.

Back in 2014, only 15.7% of people online used AdBlockers to avoid seeing optin campaigns like popups.

Jump forward to 2021? It’s nearly doubled to 27%.

To put that into context, it means nearly 1 out of every 3 visitors on your site won’t actually see the campaigns you design.

In the past, OptinMonster innovated AdBlock Detection which would encourage users to disable AdBlockers when browsing your site.

But, as we always strive to do, we’ve taken it one step further.

Because now you can create a custom domain through your OptinMonster account and then link it to the OptinMonster API.

If that sounds like a bunch of “tech talk,” no worries. Here’s what it means at a practical level:

AdBlockers won’t be able to block your OptinMonster campaigns. 

And THAT means you’ll instantly unlock and tap into 27% of your site’s traffic.

When your site loads, the OptinMonster script that triggers your campaigns will be replaced by your custom domain.

Then, when AdBlockers filter your site’s code to block any 3rd-party tools, they’ll only see your custom URL and won’t be able to block your offers.

Plus, there’s another hidden benefit to give you an even bigger advantage…

Confuse Your Competition by Staying Stealthy

For better or for worse, there’s one popular marketing trick that experienced marketers rely on:

See what’s working for the competition and take the same strategy.

Whether it’s keyword research, PPC ad copy, or email marketing frameworks, your competition is likely following your strategy as closely as possible.

That way, they can avoid the mistakes you’ve already made and grow their business faster.

It’s like they say, “All’s fair in love and war…and marketing.”

Without OptinMonster’s Custom Domain feature, the OptinMonster URL appears when your site’s script loads.

This is the same with any 3rd-party marketing tool you use. 

But now, OptinMonster is the only lead generation tool in the world that lets you create a custom domain to load in OptinMonster’s place.

So rather than your competition seeing this when they inspect your site:

custom domains example

They’ll see something like this:

custom domains modified in html

That means your competition will have to work harder to know what lead generation tool you’re using to dominate the space.

In the end, you’ll not only collect more leads by getting around AdBlockers, but you’ll keep your marketing tricks the way they belong: totally your own.

Ready to unlock 27% of your traffic and confuse your competition? Get started with OptinMonster today!