Is your website making enough money for you? Sometimes visitors land on your site once, and don’t come back, robbing you of the chance to get leads and sales.

OptinMonster’s Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts solve that problem by helping you remind visitors about your products and services, long after they’ve left your site. Our success scripts let you retarget warm leads to improve conversions, leads and sales.

Retarget Warm Leads with Success Scripts

Many businesses use OptinMonster’s Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts to retarget warm leads: people who have already visited their site and subscribed to their email newsletter or downloaded a lead magnet.

Our success scripts give you one of the best strategies for retargeting website visitors by letting you serve a Facebook ad pixel or AdWords pixel when users subscribe. You don’t even have to create a thank-you page, saving time and effort.

Using Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts for this advanced retargeting strategy helps you set up conversion tracking with just a couple of clicks. Best of all, you can easily track how much you’re spending on lead acquisition to work out the ROI of your lead generation campaigns.

Streamline Audience Creation with Success Scripts

Success scripts also save you time on creating retargeting audiences. Instead of having to sync your email list, which can be a huge hassle, you can use OptinMonster’s Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts to serve up a Facebook pixel and let those audiences auto-optimize.

Combine Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts with a MonsterChain and OptinMonster’s advanced Dynamic Text Replacement feature to retarget warm leads onsite with new, more enticing offers. It won’t be long till you convert those abandoning visitors into subscribers!

Ready to improve lead generation with Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts? Get started with OptinMonster today.