Marketing without data is just a costly gamble.

Luckily, we are past the time of radio and tv ads, when praying for results was the best way to increase the success rate of a campaign.

Nowadays, data is everywhere!

Make a simple social media post and you’ll get data on views, engagement, CTR, and more.

Processed and interpreted correctly, that data turns into valuable information that showcases what works and what doesn’t…

What’s worth investing more effort/time/money into, and what’s not…

But the most valuable data you can get when it comes to your marketing and business, is how much revenue you generate.

That’s the ultimate number you need to care about, because it tells you if you’re profitable or not.

And Revenue Attribution gives you access to that.

It gives you full transparency and real-time data on each dollar you make with OptinMonster.

Why is that important?

Because knowing whether your campaigns are working, and to what extent they are working, will help you…

Make Better Marketing Decisions

You’ll be able to see how your strategies impact the revenue you generate with OptinMonster.

And this is vital for A/B testing.

The more you test, the better you will understand what combination of copy, creatives, and targeting gives you the best results ($).

Our Revenue Attribution combined with our A/B Split Testing gives you the ability to declare winners based on how much money your campaigns are bringing in.

As you repeat this process, creating campaigns becomes a scientific process.

Instead of luck, you’ll have a specific formula that is proven to work.

This means your chance of success increases exponentially, and you get to…

Generate More Sales

Once you know which campaigns generate the most revenue, increasing your revenue comes down to stepping on the ‘traffic gas pedal’.

Get more eyeballs on the campaigns you know generate the most revenue, and you’ll generate more sales.

It sounds simple because it actually is.

Revenue Attribution maps the road to campaign success. It shows you what brings results and what doesn’t.

That’s all you need to know in order to WIN and win MORE OFTEN.

Ready to track and increase your ROI with Revenue Attribution? Get started with OptinMonster today!