Are you annoying repeat visitors by showing them the same marketing campaigns every time they visit your site? That’s a real turnoff, and can hurt your relationship with them.

OptinMonster’s Smart Success feature helps you avoid annoying your visitors by providing smart subscriber recognition – a way to recognize people who have already signed up so you can offer them something new.

Whether you’re a publisher or an eCommerce retailer, smart subscriber recognition is proven to build your relationship with visitors, boost subscriber re-engagement, and increase leads and sales.

Smart Success for Publishers

As a publisher, growing your email list is one of your top goals for expanding your reach. But what do you do when people have already subscribed, and you want to take the relationship a step further?

OptinMonster’s Smart Success helps you cement your connection with your readers. Its smart subscriber recognition technology can help you hide popups from existing subscribers or, even better, offer them something new.

For example, you can use Smart Success to encourage people to follow you on social media by embedding a Facebook Like Box in one of OptinMonster’s specially designed themes. And you can use the Theatre theme to play a video that keeps visitors on your site and fully engaged.

Smart subscriber recognition lets you redirect existing subscribers who return to your site to your best resources, or provide a download as a reward for coming back.

Overall, OptinMonster’s Smart Success is an excellent way for publishers to grow their community and extend their reach and influence.

Smart Success for eCommerce

Popups that ask customers to do something they’ve already done are pretty upsetting, and can actually drive people away. That’s a problem if your business relies on making more, and higher value, sales.

OptinMonster’s Smart Success feature helps eCommerce retailers engage customers instead of alienating them. Its smart subscriber recognition technology guides customers through your sales funnel by presenting new offers at each stage of their journey.

At the start of the customer relationship, you can use Smart Success to:

  • show subscribers how to whitelist your emails
  • play a video about a signature product or service
  • ask them to connect with you on social media

Later on, OptinMonster’s smart subscriber recognition technology will let you:

  • offer discounts and coupons to existing subscribers
  • present new offers related to what they’ve already purchased
  • retarget customers and track performance with ad pixels

For even more engagement, combine smart subscriber recognition with OptinMonster’s Dynamic Text Replacement, and wow your customers by addressing them by name.

Ready to boost engagement and sales with smart subscriber recognition? Get started with OptinMonster today.