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Increase Conversions Like Inbound Marketing Agency

Do you do business within a defined geographic area and want to focus your lead generation…

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How a Bed & Breakfast Increased Leads & Conversions without Discounts

To read the full case study, go to: Does your lead generation strategy rely on…

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Case Study: Paint Your Life

To read the full case study, go to: Are you looking for ways to build…

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Data & Analytics

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How to Create an A/B Split Test

OptinMonster’s easy A/B split testing tool helps you to eliminate the guesswork and make data-driven decisions…

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Connecting OptinMonster to Google Analytics

OptinMonster integrates with Google Analytics to give you a quick glance on how your campaign forms…

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How to Integrate with Google Tag Manager

You can use Google Tag Manager to easily manage supplying OptinMonster’s Account-wide embed code to all…

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Increase your Ad revenue with AdBlock Detection

Did you know that over 616 million devices are blocking ads with AdBlock or similar software?…

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Top 10 Exit Popup Hacks to Boost Subscribers and Revenues

Are you looking for ways to convert more of your website visitors? Exit-intent popups are the…

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How to Create a Landing Page Using OptinMonster

To follow the written tutorial, go to: Optimized landing pages can help you grow your…

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How to Create a Campaign with a Gradient Background

With OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder, you can easily add beautiful background effects with images and…

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How to Add Icons to your OptinMonster Campaigns

With OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder, you can easily add beautiful icons and customize their color,…

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How to Create an Announcement Bar for Shopify (or Your Online Store)

Looking to set up an announcement bar on your Shopify store? An announcement bar or a…

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How to create a Holiday Promotion Campaign

The period from November to January accounts for around 20% of annual sales, according to the…

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How to Schedule Campaigns for Your Promotions

Did you know that two-thirds of customers prefer relevant offers? If you’re running promotions that are…

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Email Marketing

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Top 10 Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates

Email Marketing done right can lead up to 3800% returns. That’s why it’s worth your time…

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Avoid Landing in the Spam Folder

For the full written blog post, go to:… Ever wonder why your Emails are landing…

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How to Deliver a Downloadable File with OptinMonster

Would you like to deliver Downloadable PDFs, lead magnets, and more with your OptinMonster campaigns? Follow…

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List Growth

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Content Locking: Encourage Email Signups

Are you looking for an easy to way to skyrocket email list growth without having to…

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Boost Engagement with List Segmentation

OptinMonster’s List Segmentation tools allow you to reduce abandonment and list churn by providing relevant and…

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Maximize Efficiency with Lead Sharing

To learn more, go to:… Are you manually importing and exporting leads from one source…

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Geo-Location Targeting

Did you know that 61% of consumers would rather get offers that are relevant to them?…

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Optimize your Site Traffic with Referrer Detection

OptinMonster’s advanced Display Rules include Referrer Detection so you can automatically track sources of web traffic.…

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Real-Time Behavior Automation: Show the Right Message at the Right Time

OptinMonster’s Real-time Behavior Automation helps you show relevant campaigns which instantly adapt to visitors’ current behavior…

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Product Features

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Creating Your First Campaign

To get detailed, step-by-step written instructions on how to create your first campaign, make sure to…

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Exit-Intent Technology

Did you know that over 70% of people who leave your website will never return? In…

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MonsterLinks allow you to turn any link or image into a 2-step opt-in process which is…

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OptinMonster – The Best Conversion Optimization Software

OptinMonster is the most powerful conversion optimization software in the market. Want to convert abandoning website…

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How to Build a 6-Figure Email List

Discover the three secrets to building a six figure email list without a coder or graphic…

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Get the most out of OptinMonster

Learn how to get the most out of your OptinMonster account with this Demo.

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