It is not untrue that a pair of beautiful pearly whites can really elevate one’s overall look, but it is perhaps even truer for Broadway or theater actors. Great teeth make one confident, and it can have a positive impact on one’s personality. Since theater actors perform live in front of an audience, they can’t take advantage of the modern day technologies like Photoshop and filters. Thankfully, for those residing in Chicago, there are Chicago dentists who can take care of the aspiring theater actors.

Surveys Don’t Lie

There have been many surveys done around the world about the importance of a nice smile, and most of them will place smile pretty up high. In fact, there was one such survey done in the UK where 56% of the respondents ranked smile as the most important physical attribute when it comes to a person’s attractiveness. Face got 53%, so if you think you are going to get away with your crooked and yellow teeth without smiling, think again. We tend to put more emphasis on things like clothes, hair, and makeup, but it turns out the smile is the most important.

Career Setback

Believe it or not, you do get judged based on how you look, no matter what the job is. For a career like theater, it becomes even more essential to have the right look to portray the characters perfectly. They say you are much more likable instantly when you smile, but it is only true when you have a good set of teeth to go with it. Any type of teeth issues can make the smile lack in conveying the sincerity. To change things like these, you can consult the Chicago dentists if you are in that area.

Value of a Smile

Don’t underestimate the value of great teeth as a theater actor. Ask yourself if the theater is your dream or not, and then ask how much further do you plan to go in this career. If your ultimate plan is Hollywood, then it is better for you to get an early start in getting that teeth fixed. Hollywood celebrities are not only actors but also brand ambassadors and spokespersons for important events and brands. For making yourself marketable, you need to get a great smile, which can only be achieved with great teeth.

Final Words

A good pair of teeth can basically make or break a theater actor’s career. To get a jump start with some sparkling teeth and a dazzling smile, Chicago dentists are your best bet.